Raising Chickens - The Journey Begins

We did something big that might just change our whole life. We brought home a half dozen chicks to raise in our back yard.
Rewinding to a few weeks ago, Jordan got it in his head that this was the year that we would raise some chickens. Springtime woke something up in him and ignited a fire of motivation to get the side yard ready to raise a small flock. He spent hours outside clearing out green waste that had been accumulating over the last few years, and even managed to remove an old dead tree, too. He moved our wood pile and cleared the ground readying it for the coup.
We talked about what kinds of birds we wanted to raise, and we knew we wanted to stay away from the aggressive breeds. I wanted a variety of egg colors, so we researched what breeds lay which eggs. We visited a few local country stores and found the breeds we wanted to bring up at Cal Ranch.

Originally our plan was to get the birds after we returned from our spring break vacation, but because I am a worry wart, we ended up getting the birds a week earlier than planned. I simply didn’t want to risk the Ameraucana’s to be gone (they lay blue eggs!) so we got the chicks while the store had the varieties we wanted and made arrangements for them to be cared for while we are away.

Everyone in our house seems beyond excited about this new adventure. I’m excited to watch these sweet things grow and enrich our daily life and daily diets with their eggs.