New Year 2019

2019, you are knocking on my door, and I’m simply not quite ready for you. Your fireworks are blasting outside, but I need a little more time.

If it was any other year I would be more prepared by this time, but 2018 has been different. This year has been a year of change. Lots of change. Think ‘bring home a new baby into a construction zone’ kind of change. Some changes I was ready for, other changes I wasn’t. I think it is safe to say that it’s been one of my most uncomfortable years to date. The kind of discomfort that makes you squirm, and makes your bones hurt.

But, 2018 wasn’t all bad. Much of the change of this past year brought about good things and a renewed sense of joy in different areas of my life. I had to be uncomfortable in order to take action and affect the changes that needed to take place.

I smoothed a few of my rough edges in 2018, but I still have plenty more that need attention.

You know what they say. I’m a work in progress.I don’t have to be 100% ready for the New Year. I just have to let it in. I need to acknowledge the date and hang up my January calendar. I need to keep working hard to become the me I want to be. I need to peel back my own layers and find my way in the life I choose to lead.

In 2019 I need to focus. Focus on living in the width of small moments, focus on the good, focus on progress and no perfection, and focus my energy of fruitful labors. That's my word this year, FOCUS, and I have a feeling it will be a good one.