New Tricks

They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. But what happens if that “old dog” never really considers himself old? This is me. I want to learn new tricks, even though I may relate to the old dog in that saying, but my trouble is that I want to learn new tricks! And here’s why….

I’ve been itching to dust off this space for some time, and one of the reasons I haven’t devoted time to it is because of one simple and seemingly insignificant little dilemma… I’m not loving that my blog title, Telling Our Story, is different than the actual web address of this blog, It is silly. I know. It shouldn’t matter all that much, right? But it’s been bothering me, so I’ve been stewing over a personal rebrand of sorts.

If I had a nickel for every potential new blog+domain name I’ve come up with, then I may just have quick my full time job, but truth be told, none of the names I was coming up with felt quite right. How could I betray the blog name I’ve used and come to love so much over the last 10 years? A simple solution would have been to snatch up the domain when it was available, but I didn’t have the thought to do that until it was far too late.

And so the brainstorming has continued. And finally, just last week, I think something came to mind that will actually work, that will solve my internal struggle and allow me to move forward and fully embrace the action of regular blogging again.


Remember Cycle the new me in the blogging world. Its the new address of my new blog, where I plan to document the next chapter of my life and the life of my growing little family. A fresh start and a clean slate may be what I’ve been craving for so long, so thats what I’m doing. I’ll slowly be adding my archives to this new space, and will continue to direct to the new space as well.