Second Trimester Pregnancy Style

Documenting my own personal style wasn't something I was doing (or even knew about) during my pregnancies with Liliane and Wesley. With Liliane I was working full-time at the local PD and I wore a uniform up until I couldn't button the shirt anymore, and only after that was I able to wear business-casual clothing. With Wesley's pregnancy I was chasing an 18 month old around and rarely was seen in anything other than elastic wasted Bermuda shorts and a basic colored t-shirt. I tried looking back through old photos to see how things had evolved, and there wasn't much on film to compare my 'now' to, so I'm basically charting on new waters with this current pregnancy.

This time around I am working full time again. Thankfully I don't have to wear a uniform which gives me free choice in what I choose to cover my bump in. I'm really enjoying the process of dressing this baby bump though I admit I'll be glad when I get my waistline back after the little lady has made her debut.

The first trimester wasn't much different in terms of what I was wearing. I was so unwell that I really didn't put a lot of effort into getting dressed/ready for the day during those first three months. I was lucky to have 2 days a week where I actually put makeup on, and usually those occasions were on a need-basis only (where I needed to not look like the walking dead).

Once I started feeling better physically, I had a lot more motivation to get dressed and ready, even though most days I don't even leave my house. Doing so has made an impact on my overall mood, so even though its a bit extra effort, I think it's been well worth it to give myself those 20 minutes and ready myself for the day.