Let's Talk Nursing Bras for a Second

Finding a functional nursing bra is worth more than my weight in gold. Ever since Magnolia was born I’ve been tirelessly looking and searching for a better nursing bra. I’ve tried everything from sleep bras to molded cup bras, and everything in between. I’ve found that the molded cups lose their shape with wear and use, and the sleep bras don’t offer near enough support for a lactating mama. So the search has continued. You can imagine my excitement when MD contacted me to see about providing an honest, unbiased product review on one of their nursing bras. I was thrilled! I could hardly wait until the shipment arrived to try out the new products. 

When I first put on this bra I noticed two things: The sizing was great! Sizing is always a guess when ordering online! and the band support was phenomenal for the type of material it is made out of. 

The clasps are sturdy and there are three rows of hooks at the back, which is a must when trying to support to milk-makers up front.

This bra is near perfect. The one thing I noticed that could make this bra absolutely perfect is a dual layer cup/flap. I felt like the existing flap lacked in sturdiness, and an extra layer could easily fix this. All things considered, this bra has a lot of good things going for it, so the existing flap isn’t enough of a problem for me to dislike the bra altogether. 

Overall, its a great option for all you nursing mamas out there.