A few weeks back I was contacted by StyleWe to review a product from their website. I had never heard of their shop before, so after I took a look and did a little digging, I figured, 'Why not? This should be a fun little adventure.' I worked with one of their reps to find something that would suit both my growing belly and my post-baby body and I found this yellow chiffon dress that was a must-try!

I was worried about sizing but figured this one would be forgiving, and it is! Much more so than I anticipated. I'm wearing a size large, even though a medium would have suited just fine for both my baby belly body and postpartum figure. Given the versatility and quality of this dress, I'm sure it will remain in my closet for years to come.

I was impressed by how quickly the dress arrived, and was even more thrilled to get to see the craftsmanship of the dress in my hands. StyleWe is an online fashion shopping platform featuring independent fashion designers. They claim to provide original high-quality pieces, and that claim is spot-on. The dress was free of excess threads and arrived in mint condition. I've worked with other companies based in Asia before, and was no where near impressed with those as I am with StyleWe's quality.

StyleWe's website is packed with lots of options to choose from, at a variety of different price points. Variety in both cost and piece is important when it comes to personal style and fashion, as we all have different tastes, and in my case, different phases of life to cater to. Given the Las Vegas heat, the chiffon is a great pick as its breathable and allows for plenty of airflow. Don't mind me while I live in this dress for the next 7 weeks until this baby makes her debut.