The Third Gate

This week I've been very nostalgic and I think the hormones are to blame. 6 years ago, almost exactly, I was traversing my way through my pregnancy with Wesley. So much life has happened in that 6 years. I've been looking back at old photos and I admit, there have been tears. Tears of joy, tears of anxiety, tears of longing, but mostly tears of joy. I can't believe that my two babies are not babies anymore. My heart stings knowing that their toddler days are over, but then I look towards the silver lining of getting to do it all again with this baby that's growing now.

This week I'm marveling on how motherhood is no simple matter. Motherhood is just big. 

Being a mom is a lot. So often I feel like I'm staring at a mountain where being a mother is concerned. But then I look behind me and see that I've already begun the journey and I see the progress I'm making. I may not know how to do this right, but I'm learning, and I'm doing, and that's what matters.  It's inch by inch, and soon enough I'm seeing those inches turn into yards of progress. 

This pregnancy is progressing well, and I truly am so grateful. I enter my third trimester this week, and so much is on my mind that it actually hurts. I have so much to do, so much I want to prepare, so much that I feel like I need to accomplish before this little girl arrives in September. There's just so much I can do, but truthfully I have to coach myself on keeping sight of the important stuff. It isn't hard to get distracted by all the "stuff" of having a new baby, which is why I'm trying to remind myself to take it slow, to savor every second of this process because, heaven knows, I only have so much control over when I'll get to be traveling this road again. 

As the tortoise said to the hare, "Slow and steady wins the race," the experiences Jordan and I have gone through to get this baby girl here is sure to follow suit. So take your time, little lady. I'm ready when you are, Baby Girl.