Pjs and Watercolor

Spring break is for staying in Pjs and painting watercolor masterpieces.

The children were out of school for Spring Break during the week leading up to the holiday. Now that I work from home, I wanted to do some activities with them throughout the week to help enrich their time off from school. We colored hard-boiled eggs and decorated sugar cookies. The sugar cookies didn’t last long thanks to the neighbor kids who came to play at our house every day during the break. During the week the kids played outside a lot! On Thursday Liliane and Wesley decided they’d have a pajama day staying in their pjs for the better part of the day. They enjoyed time creating watercolor masterpieces, all while I busily worked at the computer next to them. Working from home has truly been a blessing. I can spend the time the kids have off from school right by their side, without missing a beat. It really is fantastic.

Saturday we spent a few hours at the Mountain Edge Regional Park in Las Vegas. It was a bit windy so we took two kites with us to fly as well. Though it was short-lived, the kids thought the kite flying was pretty cool.