Stories of December 2015 | Day 1

December is here and the first thought I have on the matter is that it’s weird. It’s great, but it’s weird. I probably feel this way because of how strange it is to only need a light jacket when I go outside, or because there is so much sunshine. I can’t say that I don’t like the sun, because I do. My only reference is that I have 29 years of Christmas seasons that were cold and gray outside, so this is all very new to me.

I put up our front-door wreath and it just felt fake, like I was trying to celebrate Christmas in Spring, because that’s how it feels outside. I know that as time goes on I will get used to the change of climate here, but everything is still feeling so very new.

New things are not necessarily bad things, though. I get to celebrate new traditions while I’m here, to strengthen relationships with my family, and rely upon one another more than we needed to in the past. New things allow us time to grow, to learn, and to become better.

So, hello December. Though I may seem a bit disoriented, I’m happy you’re here once again.