DIY 9x12 Project Life Album

Thanks to pinterest, and other social media outlets, I've seen some awesome variations to Becky Higgins' Project Life memory keeping system. My favorite, to date, is altering the typical 12x12 album system to a 9x12 system. Don't get me wrong, I really enjoy using the regular 12x12 albums; I've been using that size for years. The only issue I personally have with the 12x12 size is the fact that it's tough to fit them on the shelf. Most shelving I have in my home isn't deep enough to efficiently house my 12x12 albums. Luckily I have one built-in shelf in my basement that is deep enough so my 12x12 albums call that shelf home. I have been itching to try the 9x12 system just for sake of variety and for the fact that I can store these albums much easier on all the other bookshelves in our house.

I came across the idea of using a 9x12 system on Marcy Penner's blog about two years ago. She used an American Crafts Modern album and simply cut the outer edge down by three inches to create the 9x12 album size. I made a mental note of this idea and finally got around to giving it a spin.

When I saw the Memorology 12x12 album at the American Crafts Warehouse sale, I knew that $8.33 was a bargain for a soon-to-be 9x12 album. (I've been looking online and I can't seem to find any in this size for less than $25.) I bought three (because I know I'll use them), came home and immediately got to work.

The album pictured in the photos above is the finished product. I used a ruler and a retractable knife to cut down the outer edge of both covers. The metal corner protectors were easy to remove from the scraps and re-adhere to the new corners. I used a sanding block to smooth the cut edge, and voila! A 9x12 album to go crazy with for our family's 2015 summer adventures!

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