This Boy Loves

Showers of hugs and kisses are what this boy provides me with on a daily basis. His current term of endearment is, "I love you, my nice Mommy." Where he gets the whole 'nice' thing, I have no idea. He knows I can be a mean mom when I need to be. Nonetheless, it warms my heart when he nuzzles his little cheek against mine and whispers his dear words of reassurance that I'm doing this mom thing right.

Often in the mornings, when he wakes before me, he comes into my room and crawls into my bed for a little morning snuggle time. He kisses my cheek and then burrows himself under my covers while saying, "cozy, cozy, cozy." These little actions are trademarks of how this little boy loves. I cherish his innocence, his kindness, and his sweet unconditional love. I love the way this little boy loves.