Finally | Snow

We have been waiting for this fluffy white stuff ALL WINTER! Finally today we got a little trace of snow. Sure enough, within ten minutes of the flurries starting to swirl, my children suited up in their winter gear, ready to play in the falling flakes.

These two relished in their thirty minutes of fun in the wintery white stuff. Wesley did everything in his power to catch as many snowflakes on his tongue as possible. Liliane let the snow fall gently on her face as she grinned up at the sky. They played on the trampoline, slipping and sliding around the mat, and thoroughly enjoyed ever minute of it.

I have a feeling this little trace of snow will be gone by tomorrow. I suppose I can't expect much seeing as this winter has been so out of the ordinary. At least we snapped a few photos to document some semblance of a winter we're having. Who knows what March will bring. Maybe more snow... maybe a real spring.... I just hope my flowers and plants that have already started popping up don't get damaged because of the indecisive weather we're experiencing around here.