Thanksgiving 2014

We four Grays got to have my mom and dad all to ourselves this Thanksgiving. It was probably the smallest Thanksgiving dinner I've ever had in terms of the number of guests, but it was so much fun! My mom did most of the cooking, though I did my best to be her right hand in the kitchen. My mom tried a new recipe for the yams this year which turned out to be delicious! The yams and the mashed potatoes (complete with gravy) are usually my favorite parts of Thanksgiving, and my mom did not disappoint!
One of my favorite parts of this year's Thanksgiving dinner was seeing the joy and excitement on my children's faces. Liliane and Wesley were so excited to try all the different foods. While we were finishing with getting all the food on the table, Wesley sat in his spot and commented on every new food we brought out by saying, "Ohhh, thats my favorite!!!" 
My dad and I set the table with Liliane and Wesley's help. Liliane thought it was pretty cool to get to set two forks and two spoons at every place, and she even proceeded to make sure every utensil of hers got used in some way as she ate her Thanksgiving feast. Wesley and Liliane were beyond thrilled to get to drink out of the same goblets as the grown-ups. Because Jordan and I have such big families it's usually common practice to separate the kids front the adults, but this year Liliane and Wesley got to be right in on the action. The absolute highlight of my Thanksgiving was getting to see their complete and total happiness in getting to be just like Mom and Dad and Nana and Grandpa.
Though we were small in numbers, the food was fantastic and the company was delightfully pleasant. What a beautiful and memorable Thanksgiving we had this year!

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