Veggie Tales

We set out to grow a salsa garden this year with the one intent to can salsa with our harvest. I'm happy to report that we were successful to both ends. Our crop grew wonderfully, and the salsa we made from the vegetables is awesome. 

I tend to look forward to the cooler months of the year for a number of reasons, but the food of the seasons is always top on the list. We're usually more inclined to entertain during the fall/winter months, so now that we've got our delicious salsa, I'm sure we'll pull it out when we put on a family gathering. Chips and salsa are a great appetizer, a definite crowd pleaser. 

And the best part? Being able to tell someone that I made the salsa from vegetables that grew in our backyard is so rewarding. It may seem like a small accomplishment to some, but its so fulfilling learn and perfect the skills of provident living. 

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