Stripes, Chalk, and Polly Pocket

Sometimes the light outside hits our front yard just right that the colors come alive. This day was no exception. We had stopped by sonic on our way home for a quick refreshment, and when we made it to our house, the kids wanted to play in the yard. I had not problem with them coloring on the sidewalk with the chalk while they drank their slushies. 

The children took to drawing roads for Liliane's polly pocket toys. Wesley loved the idea so he busied himself making a track for his lizards. He ran inside and got some of his own hot wheels cars to follow in the fun. 

Liliane was sure to include crosswalks and stop signs in her drawings. Safety first, right? I loved watching their imaginations take over. These kind of moments make me miss being a kid. There is so much to be said about the carefree life of a child. Its truly magical. 

On this particular occasion I had no real reason to pull out my camera. I just wanted to capture a few photos of this activity. Taking pictures is a great way to preserve little smidgens of these children's essence in the "right now" context. They're experiencing the thick of their childhood and it truly is magical to watch. Sometimes all I want to do is remember the details, like how we have a huge thing for striped clothing in this little family of ours, how Wesley adores Liliane, and how he hangs on her every word. Liliane is like a second mother to Wesley, and though they have their fits, their sibling love is so real. 

I love these two darlings. My life would be so dull without them. 

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