Us People Vol.2

Remember this post? It must be that time of year again. I had the urge to put together a collection of photos from the last few months and do another "update on what's happening with each of us" post. Its funny that the last time I did this was nearly a year ago to the day. 


This kid is still my little snuggle bug. Lately he's been referring to me as "Mommy-Boo" which kills me every time. He's very much aware when it comes to Liliane and him. He wants everything between them to be the same and wants to be just like her in every way, down to the number of ice cubes in their cups.  He's a friend to all things creepy crawly, and has been known to try to pick up spiders with his bare hands. His stuffed animal, Tuttle the turtle, goes with him anywhere. Balloons are a fantastic toy at the moment. He loves to play "keep-up" with balloons all over the house. He is a builder and a crafter, just like his dad, mom, and sister. He's right at home in this family that likes to work with their hands. Wesley is an excellent storyteller. He's amazing. He mostly shares stories about dinosaurs and dragons, and he tells them with such life and animation! He just started preschool at Treasure Tree Academy and is loving it. He's eager and excited to take any opportunity to play and to learn. He raises his hand and says "ooo, oooo!" in primary all the time. He loves to participate in any activity and always does so with such enthusiasm. He helps with the dishes and the silverware without being asked. At night, when I tuck him in, he tells me, "Love you mommy. See you in the morning!" To which I reply, "Love you too buddy, see you in the morning." I love this little boy. 


This girl. What can I say? She stole my heart the day she was born and has yet to give it back. Liliane is one of my biggest examples of love, patience and compassion. So often she is the teacher and I am her pupil. I know she was meant to be my child to teach me to be a better person. She's amazing. Liliane is spending more and more time playing with friends. She loves to play make-believe and dress up and barbies, and pretty much anything else that 5-year old girls enjoy. Lately she's been a frequent flyer at the doctor's office with sore throat Strep-like episodes, but she always bounces right back to her chipper self. She's very much aware of all her stuffed animals and spends time tediously arranging them on her bed to ensure not one stuffed animal is left behind. Feather, a stuffed unicorn, is her current favorite. Liliane takes pride in every outfit she puts together. She loves to pose in the mirror and talk to herself, which I find endearing. (I remember doing the same thing when I was young.) Her self confidence is inspiring and I hope she never loses sight of it. Some of her favorite meals are biscuits and gravy, broccoli cheese and rice, and the all-time favorite spaghetti and meatballs (with no sauce). She likes to delay bedtime by asking for a drink of water and claiming that she's hungry, but slowly Jordan and I are catching on. Liliane just started Kindergarten at Art City School and looks forward to going every day. Her love of life is contagious. I love this little girl. 


This man is my everything. He loves me for who I am. He has an endless supply of patience for me and my shortcomings. He's my backbone and I'd be no one without him. He held me, comforted me, and shared in my tears and heartache as we suffered through not one, but two miscarriages. He was my shoulder to cry on and my shelter from the storm when my little brother passed away in July. His strength is always unshaken. He is amazing. Jordan just started a new job, and with that has come new schedules and less stress, more opportunities and less sleep. He's transitioning to a new schedule and all for the sake of providing me an opportunity to be a homemaker once again. This new employment opportunity will allow me to be home with our children, to be their main nurturer, and I am so incredibly grateful for his sacrifice to allow me to do this. Jordan is my hero and forever will be.


Whoa. This last year has been crazy. A lot has happened. I survived working full-time while attending two semesters, and I'm heading into my third. Graduation is on the horizon (August 2015), and that means that I will have accomplished a major goal. The last six months have been particularly challenging as I've taken a turn on a huge emotional roller coaster. With two miscarriages and the death of a sibling, tears and heartache have been no stranger. But through it all, I am learning patience. I'm learning about timing, and how life happens when you're busy making plans. For as crazy and busy the last year has been, I know the next one will be even crazier. I get to be home again, with my children, and that alone gives me reason to keep going. I have learned that I can do hard things, that some of my worst fears weren't  as bad as I thought, and that even with the worst of the worst, we can still find normal again and discover new routine. This last year has been full of growing pains, but growing is a good thing; progress is a good thing. Knowing that brings me peace and fills my life with hope. I know I'm not done learning yet. I'm not done growing, for we never really are, and with that being the case, I'm going to do my best to enjoy the journey. Tonight my fortune cookie from a local Chinese restaurant said that I needed to stop speeding through life, and that I needed to pause to enjoy it. Wise words that fortune cookie held.