New Adventures and Sharpened Pencils

In ten days’ time this little lady of mine will begin her educational career by entering Kindergarten. It so cliché to say, "I can't believe it," but the truth is: I can't. I swear it was only moments ago that I was thinking in my head how far away the school-aged years were. The years in between have since come and gone and the time has now come for her to be big, to be brave, to branch out, and go to school.

Oh, the constant mixed emotions that a mother feels. I’m happy for her, but I’m worried for her too. I want her to make friends, but I don’t want those friends to hurt her. I want her to grow, and learn strength through trial, but I’m afraid those trials will break her. One truth to it all is that kindergarten, and the years that follow, are each individual rites of passage that will only help to mold and shape her into the person she is to become. So for now, I’ll tuck away my feelings a fear and anguish, and I’ll be grateful for the front-row seat I have to watch her beautiful transformation take place.

New adventures and sharpened pencils are on the horizon. Here’s to making the best of it all.