Summertime illness should be outlawed. 

Tuesday I came down with a terrible head cold, courtesy of my sweet husband. Try as I did to not get sick, I still came down with the blasted bugger. 

Tuesday and Wednesday were both spent lying in bed, my body completely lifeless, while my brain went crazy over all the things I needed to do but couldn't thanks to the terrible explosive pressure in my head. This was one of those times where I sincerely wished I could harness my thoughtful motivation, keep it in a jar and use it when my body was ready for the challenge. All too often my motivation doesn't match up with the time I have to do things. Its high time I found a way to remedy that.

Here's hoping I can shake this before the holiday. The Fourth of July is a serious favorite of mine, and I'll be so bummed if I end up spending it in my bed. (I'm crossing my fingers...and every other limb on my body!)