Summertime Celebrations

This past weekend was jam packed with fun and adventure. The kids had been looking forward to the Art City Days celebrations for a few weeks. I had planned several activities to take part in over the three days we had to celebrate summer fun. We started it all off by going to the Art City Days Children’s Art Festival. The kids got their faces painted, and made a few arts and crafts at the booths. It was hot in the morning, so we didn’t hit all the booths, but the kids enjoyed what we were able to do.

Later in the afternoon we went to Orem to see a cousin dance at Orem Summerfest. We watched the dance performance at the outdoor stage and then went on to ride some of the rides at the park. 

The kids were so excited to ride the ferris wheel. After we got seated on the ride, I pulled out my phone to take a picture of me and the children, Liliane was so concerned that I would drop my phone so she kept telling me to put it away so that I wouldn’t. I love that girl. We rode as many rides as we could for the 20 tickets that we had. The kids really liked the carousel merry-go-round, too.

When it came time to go back home, we were tired and ready. We stopped at Sonic on the way and checked off a few more flavors from our list. (We’ve set out to try all 25 slush flavors over the course of the summer.) Wesley discovered the sun roof which he thought was pretty swell. We took the evening easy and had fun watching some TV and playing with toys.

Saturday morning came and we hit the ground running. We cleaned the house so we could entertain a few of Jordan’s family members for a BBQ lunch. After cleaning the house we set out to watch the Art City Days parade. Saturday’s weather was deceiving. It was sunny with a high of 70, which is a bit abnormal for June in Utah. The kids didn’t seem to mind the chillier temps once I ran back to the car and got a blanket for them. Eventually the sun got up high enough in the sky that the breeze wasn’t as bad. 

Wesley and Liliane had fun gathering candy that was being thrown out to the crowd. When we left the parade, we headed back to the car and on the way we stopped and said hello to some of the officers that work for Orem City. One of them invited Wesley to climb up on the police motorcycle for picture. Wesley was a bit shy but he played along. 

For lunch we had a barbeque at our house with a few of Jordan’s family members. We played in the backyard and ate hot-dogs and hamburgers. We had family over until about 2:30 p.m., and when they left, Jordan and I took some time to just relax and watch some TV. Sometimes you just need a little time to just sit and just be, and that is exactly what we did for the rest of the day.

We watched the clock for 10:00 p.m. to roll around so we could go outside and watch the Art City Days Fireworks from our front yard. The kid’s excitement over the fireworks was so fun to witness. They loved getting to be up late and be outside watching the spectacle in the sky. They were in awe over the different colors shooting through the night and the boom sounds coming from each firework explosion. Seeing their joy and excitement is what I live for. 

For the love of summertime celebrations, this weekend was good. So good.