Saturday in East Carbon

Years ago Jordan and I had the opportunity to become part owners in a small investment company. It’s been a fun but stressful learning experience for us to see how the whole landlord thing works. Recently we had a less than ideal situation with a tenant, but finally push came to shove and we got the tenant to vacate the property. Upon their exit, we were left with some significant cleaning and repair to do on the house.

We planned to spend a Saturday at the rental (which is located about 2 hours away from where we live) to do the fix up and cleaning. Jordan’s aunt tended our kids at our house so Jordan and I could go and get as much done as possible.

On Saturday we set out to paint the outside of the house, paint the inside of the house, repair a few light fixtures, haul off excess trash and junk left by the tenants, and install flooring in the kitchen. Considering our long list of to-dos, we set out to finish as much as we could before the end of the day.  

Jordan’s dad suited up and was the designated paint-sprayer operator. Jordan’s mom and I worked on prepping the inside of the house for paint. Prep work is very time consuming, but it made the painting super easy. Jordan was all over the place helping with painting, prepping, the exterior clean-up, and yard work. 

We didn't make it through the whole list, but we were happy with what we were able to accomplish. Jordan and his dad will go back later in the week to finish the kitchen flooring. At least another load or two of junk/trash left by the previous tenant will need to be hauled off to the dump too. Overall we were productive in what we got done. Hopefully once we've tied up all the loose ends of the repair and clean-up we’ll be able to find a new tenant that takes better care of the place. Sometimes those good renters are hard to come by, so I’m crossing my fingers.