A Telltale Photo

It is possible to capture telltale scenes of our life through one simple photo. One of my favorite photo prompts is “look down.” I’ve loved what this simple prompt has enabled me to capture and immortalize through photos.

Last week I was in the back yard with my children. They were jumping on the tramp as I was busy checking on my newly-planted pots on the porch. Looking down at my young plants left me felling such joy for my life. Every corner of my sight was filled with pieces of me and my life right now. Looking down I saw evidence of the start of summer--the fibrous droppings from my wise old Locust tree, painted toes, and summer sandals. I'm embracing the change of season with an open mind and an open heart. I'm ready for fun, ready for adventure. I'm ready to commit to memory these little pieces and details of this busy part of my life and embrace whatever the summer season brings.