Window Washer

I've heard people ask when the right time is to introduce chores to children. You want to know what I think? The sooner the better. I'm not trying to appear as a slave-driver by any means. I just think there are a million great ways to harness and channel a child's energy to the benefit of the entire household.  

Take window washing for example: Liliane jumps at any opportunity to wash our giant 12 foot sliding-glass doors. She's glad to do it because she thinks its fun. I'm glad she does it because it teaches her to be willing to help with household chores. She wont always be as eager to help, but for now she is and I'll enjoy her willingness while it lasts. 

I do have to monitor her Windex usage--she's been known to get a little crazy with the sprayer. But a chore is getting done, albeit by a 5 year who has 5-year-old cleaning skills. And my cleaning to-do list shrinks when I have her help.  

So here's to encouraging the children to help out around the house. Give them a rag and a bucket of suds and let them go crazy mopping the floor. Let them dust or sweep. Encourage them to take care of their own things. Homes all around will be happier for it. A little encouragement goes a long way.