TBT | Scrapbook Style

I thought I'd run a "Throw Back Thursday" post today sharing a scrapbook layout from 2011. My Liliane looks so very little in these photos, though I'm sure that at the time these were taken I probably was thinking she was big. Its funny how that happens!

These photos were taken shortly after we bought our house. Grammy and Grandpa Gray brought over their old backyard playhouse and Liliane and Wesley have put the thing to great use. That house has been so well loved. Our children have loved it and are still playing on it constantly.

At the time I did this layout, Liliane was way in to watching the Backyardigans on Nick, Jr., so much that I had that theme song stuck in my head for weeks! This was a simple layout, but one I still appreciate as it somehow captured my own scrapbooking style. Sometimes I loose sight of what my style is, so its nice to have gentle reminders such as these to remember that I can be individual and unique in the creation of scrapbook pages.

Can I just say one thing? I miss scrapbooking so much. Since I went back to work (and then went back to school), my time to be creative has been divided and divided again. Creativity time doesn't win in priority over my family, but I can say that for me, the most productive creative time is spent preserving our family's mark on life. I need to make more time to showcase our family's history. And I want to do it with my hands and with a tangible approach. There is just something about paper and glue, you know? And its okay if you don't. This method is just what suits me, even though it doesn't always suit the time that I have.