Hello March | 2014

March is here. It's HERE! And with that I can hardly contain my excitement for Spring! I'm ready to usher in fresh flowers and green grass.  Spring is my time to work the dirt and uncover the ground at my house. It's a big project every year, one I don't always look forward to whole-heartedly, but the results of our labors are always so worth it

I thought it'd be fun to take a few "before" pictures of our yard to document the waking-up process. I love to see how we're doing in the beautification process of our outside space. Here's a peek at what our exteriors look like now:

So there you have it. A whole lot of dead to get out and on its way so we can make room for the new growth. Once we get the dead out, we'll focus on cultivating some color in the front and back flower beds and then we'll get to working on our garden.

Speaking of our garden, last year we installed some amazing raised garden beds in our backyard. (see the last photo). Jordan built them and he did a wonderful job. These beds have been something we've been wanting to do since we've been married and this is the first place we've been able to carry out the dream. We grew a great garden in them last year, and we hope to do use them well this year, too. 

Jordan and I have plans this Spring to install a playground-style swing set that he salvaged from one of his jobs last summer. I'm hoping he won't drag his feet to put it in... I've got the kids helping me with the encouraging process to get him going on the swing set install. He's busy and tired from working as hard as he does, so it'll just take a little extra nudge to get him going on this undertaking. I know he's willing though--no matter how tired he gets he always means well. 

If finances allow, I'd love to replace our trampoline with a "real" one this year. The one we have in the backyard now is like a mini-tramp. Our neighbors gave it to us when they put in their "real" one. I'd love to be able to jump on the tramp with the kids, so saving our pennies will be what it takes to do just that.

Now that I've documented the before, the next step is go hop to it. I'm planning on getting my hands dirty to beautify our little corner of the world.