Chalk Board Calendar - DIY

I've been looking for a solution for an easy visual calendar for reference when I'm working in my home craft room. I'd see some neat oversized calendars around the internet, but when I got to thinking about where I'd find one and, more importantly, where I'd put it, I figured that playing the copy cat game wasn't the best solution.  I let the need for a solution sit in the back of my brain hoping inspiration would eventually hit, and gladly it DID!

I've had this chalk board hanging in my craft room for ages. I picked it up from Hobby Lobby on clearance with my mom about 2 years ago.  I have loved the look of it on my wall, but up until now it's never served much purpose other than filling up empty wall space. I'm not sure what fueled the idea, but I experimented with drawing my own calendar on it to serve the need for a date reference when I'm working on projects. It was the perfect solution! 

I first tried drawing the calendar with actual chalk, but it was a little tricky not to smudge the lines. I picked up a chalk pen at target shortly thereafter and decided to give the chalk pen a whirl. The chalk marker did the trick and now I have a lovely visual calendar to reference as I work on my projects. Mission accomplished. I am in love with the result.

I called this post a DIY because anyone could easily repeat what I did using a ruler, a chalkboard and some chalk or a chalk marker. Chalkboards and chalk drawings/lettering has been pretty on-trend lately so they're not hard to find in the stores or online. Drawing the calendar is pretty straight-forward: use a ruler to keep the lines straight and be sure to include at least 7 rows and 7 columns. This will leave you with one row to write the days of the week out, and 6 rows to fill in each numbered day of the month. So easy!