This Girl Loves to Color

This one right here loves to color. She'll pick a new notebook and a fresh box of crayons over anything else when she has the chance. She has collections of little notebooks and cards and pencils all over the house! I'm always picking them up and trying to come up with some kind of effective way to house them all. I've often found remnants of her coloring habits in my purse or church bag. I love the way these little notebooks and the plethora of crayons and pencils remind me of my sweet girl.

Often she will sit and entertain herself quietly as she colors away. She draws pictures of our family, of her hopes and dreams, of her favorite things like hearts and rainbows. She loves to practice her letters and is so excited to be learning new things every day. I love her enthusiasm for knowledge. She reminds me how important it is to always be learning new things. 

When someone uses a word that she doesn't know the meaning to she will ask what it means. Later I will find her using that same word in her own way. I can't believe her growth. She retains information so well, and at times is almost alarming! She talks of things that I know I didn't teach her, things that I didn't know a five-year-old would even know. Just last night when Jordan walked in the door, Liliane immediately wanted to jump in and start asking Jordan some questions. I told her to "let dad get home." She answers, "Dad already is home....oh wait - it's just an expression. Okay." Jordan and I looked at each other in disbelief. Since when did she know about what an expression is?!?! 

She's pretty awesome. I am so glad she is mine. 

I love this girl. 

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