I Found It

By the time January came around this year I was really struggling on finding my word. I kept waiting for my word to just come to me, but for whatever reason it just wasn't. In an effort to curb the discouragement of not already having found my word for 2014, I wrote this post reflecting on my swirling thoughts of the New Year. Fast forward a few weeks into January when my word finally decides to make an appearance. I was reading online somewhere and I came across the sentence, "Embrace the good," and it hit me.


My one little word for 2014 is embrace.

I took to looking up the dictionary definition of the word embrace and just knew this word is my word for 2014. It fits. It's what I need, and I'm thankful to have uncovered this little gem while mindlessly surfing the internet.

Sometime inspiration hits at the oddest of times, and in the strangest of circumstance. Today I am thankful for this happenstance, and my year will be better for it all the way through.

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