Temperatures here are much colder than they have been in years past. Nearly every morning/evening has been in the single digits for the past two weeks! Seriously. The cold takes my breath away when I walk outside. By the time I've been out in the elements for a few minutes (usually while I'm walking to my class at UVU) my face will actually start to ache because it is so. stinking. cold.  I'm not opposed to snow, I just don't quite fancy the cold like others do. Bundling up is an absolute must, which could be the reason I own a closet full of coats. And the crazy part about that: I use every single one of them.

I have nothing more useful to add, other than the fact that I'm excited for the weekend (Rosegal product review post will be up on the blog!), I'm excited for Christmas (ten whole days to spend with the most important people in my life), and I'm looking forward to a world where the snow is WARM. 

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