Project Life | The Process

Week 16 and 17 | In Progress

As you can see, I'm still working on these weeks.

I thought I'd elaborate on the process that is my Project Life book.  My strong point in this project is that I take photos, lots of photos.  I typically make it a point to print pictures at least once a month.  I've tried to do it more often than that, but I've found that when I use Walgreens, it is less expensive for me to do it once per month because then I can take advantage of the photo print specials that they run.  If I print more often than that, I have them done at costco where the price per print is less.  I would really love to get into the habit of printing from home, but I'm still on the fence as to whether I want to weigh the cost effectiveness of doing so.

Typically when I am working on my book, I use each spread to represent one week.  When I have more content than that, I will add in a few different sized inserts, depending on what I want to document for that week.  My first step is to place the photos in the pockets.  I use the PicFrame when I need to print 3x4 photos.  The app lets me put two 3x4s onto one 4x6 for easy printing.  There are several different combinations of pictures sizes, but I mostly use the 3x4 option.

Once my photos are in, I go through and add some journaling cards/filler cards, that are usually cut down from 12x12 paper.  I recently joined Studio Calico's Project Life kit club, so in May's weeks, their product is used more that what is in this post.

I'm HUGE on words with my photos.  I like to tell the story and add little love notes to my people in this book.  Words and photos are the simple essence of this entire undertaking, and I love it.  Large text on photos using letter stickers is a favorite technique of mine, coupled with my own handwriting.  I've done a little bit of adding text to the photos digitally, but I found that doing so after they are already printed speeds up my process a bit.  Using my iPad to prep my photos for this book is something I'm wanting to do, so I may be adding more digital text to my photos in the near future.

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