Gratitude: My Children

This picture melts my heart.  If you only knew how much this photo reflects the sweet connection they have.  Their companionship and care for one another is so very precious.  I hope their relationship is always this special, that they are always each other's "best friend."  Truth be told, they have their share of disagreements, but for the most part, they play and pretend so well with one another.  That sense of peace and harmony in our home is something I am so very grateful for, and I find myself not expressing this gratitude enough.  I love these two children of mine, more than I could have ever known.  I truly enjoy being their nurturer, their care-giver, their helper, and their friend, but most of all, I love being their Mom.  As I'm away at work or at school, my thoughts are always drawing back to them, and what they may be doing in my absence.  I am thankful for their patience with me as I strive to be Jordan's partner to the highest degree in providing for our family.  I didn't think we'd be here, that I'd be away working, or that I'd be going to school to finish my degree.   We are making sacrifices.  It's hard to be away, but because of their patience and love, they lessen my load incredibly.  I know I could not do what I do were it not for their sweet joyful giggles and shouts of excitement upon my return from being away.  I could not do what I do if I didn't have them.