Go & Do | September

I'm a little late in posting my intended Go and Do for September, but I can happily report that I've been consistently working on what I intended to do: a whole bunch of home canning!  During the month of September I canned 13 quarts of award-winning salsa, 16 quarts of applesauce, and 26 quarts of spaghetti sauce.  I'm not done yet with all the canning but I am proud of this accomplishment!  I intend to do a bit more applesauce, another batch of salsa, and also a batch of apple pie filling.  We took the bull by the horns and grew a good garden this year, which has enable us to do all this canning.  I had no idea that our apples would produce as much as they did this year, though.  This was supposed to be the "off" year, but our tree seems to be confused.  Either way, I will take the fruit and preserve it so we can enjoy it all year long.  I consider this a month worthy of a star.  It hasn't been easy doing all this canning with our busy work and school and kid schedules.  We've had to sacrifice to accomplish this, but that is what goals are all about, right?

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