Week in the Life 2013 | Tuesday

I made a discovery over the past two days of doing this project: my iPhone is my best friend.  In the past when I’ve done this project, I relied solely on my DLSR camera, which meant a lot more effort in retrieving the photos and formatting them to fit my project, whether it was for my blog or for the book that I’m creating.  With my iPhone, everything is at my fingertips!!  I take my photos with my iPhone and I format my photos onto 4x6 canvases for easy upload and printing directly from my iPhone, too.  I love that the iPhone can literally take the computer out of the process of having pictures developed.  I still love and use my DSLR, but for the everyday photos I take these days are with my iPhone.  Today I’m using an app called Fuzel to create an easy overview of the photos I took from yesterday to share here on my blog.
Starting from the top left and making my way across and down, Here’s a little info on each picture from:
7:20am | In the car and ready to go. The kids like to get dressed at Nanas so I bring clothes and shoes and we get dressed there.
7:30am | Morning drop off at Nanas.
10:00am | Found that my grant money was been applied to my tuition and I don’t own anything else for this semester.
11:30am | Thinking about applying for an open position in the City Recorders Office.
12:05pm | Walking to my car for my lunch break.
12:08pm | Heading to AutoZone for a blinker light bulb.
12:15pm | Bulb in hand, head back to work.
12:20pm | Walk back through parking lot and inside.
3:40pm | Mail time.  Lots of sorting and reading.
5:50pm | Arrive at Nana’s to get the kids.
5:51pm | Liliane wanted a picture with Wesley.
6:00pm | picking flowers to bring home from Nana’s
6:02pm | Welsey was telling me about rocks and mud.
6:20pm | Home again.  Liliane had to check on the nest she made.
6:22pm | Liliane helping me with getting the mail.
6:50pm | Collected another bowl of veggies from the garden.  

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