Week in the Life 2013 | Thursday

Thursday turned out very different than most Thursdays.  I took a sick day from work thanks to the hotdog I ate for dinner Wednesday night.  (I was up all night with terrible stomach pains. Not fun.) The kids and I just hung out at home, until lunch time when Liliane really wanted a "burger."  So we went to Wendy's.  The kids painted up on the kitchen counter and Liliane used any and every paper product in sight to paint on before I got out some paper for her to use.  She also fashioned herself quite an outfit with one of my scarves.  Wesley  said the funniest thing about a snickers candy bar that I let him have.  He'd never had a snickers before, so I gave him a fun-size bar as a treat for using the toilet three times in a row with no accidents.  He started talking up storm about how "nummy" it was and how he liked that "chocwate."  He makes me smile. I did muster up the wherewithal to get to my class Thursday night and I'm glad I did because I would have missed out on quiz points if I hadn't.  Jordan worked until way late, so no pictures were captured of him, but he does exist.  I'll have to get more of him on Friday.

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