Week in the Life 2013 | Monday

It's time for another round of Week in the Life.  I’ve participated in this project a number of times over the last four years.  It’s a neat way to look back at our life and see what we are doing.  This time around I am working full-time, so the photos and perspective will be quite varied from our experiences in the past.  I know it will be harder to gather photos of our days considering the fact that we are all apart from each other during the day, but I believe in this project enough to try and see what we can make of it.

Here’s a little recap of our Monday:
Monday morning= the start of a new work week.  We tend to hit the keyboard pretty hard on Monday as there is plenty to do.
For breakfast I had a homemade breakfast egg muffin on a buttered English muffin.  Jordan and I are trying out a new way of doing breakfast fast and on the go, and these muffin things are turning out to be such a life-saver.
Walking back up the stairs after going to Target on my lunch break for an air freshener for my car.  Invoices piled among my iPad.
The sign on the wall just outside the double doors where I work, and a little peek into one of my drawers at my desk.
My mom took a few pictures of the kids while I was at work. Liliane is busy coloring while Wesley is enjoying some afternoon screen time.
After work I drove directly over to UVU for my Criminal Profiling class.  It’s nice to park without having to have a parking pass.  I snapped a photo while I walked to my class.
Liliane’s preschool fun; the kids playing trains and a little wrestling before bed.
Missy wainting by my side while I get the children their final drinks of the day; Jordan preparing his lunch for Tuesday.

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