Currently | September

waking up late a lot recently.... desperately need to remedy this.
sleeping easy thanks to our demanding schedule with two kids, work, and school.
devouring oatmeal cookie dough like its oxygen.... we've made three batches in ten days.
watching Pretty Little Liars until my fall shows kick up again (namely Bones and Grey's Anatomy).
seeing the fall colors dance down the mountain side and painting the treetops in the valley.
preserving our home-grown produce by home canning.
writing the story of our Week in the Life adventure... blog post coming soon on that.
wearing more layers in response to the crisp autumn air.
ordering long pants and new shirts for Jordan via Old Navy online
planning for the future, always keeping the future at the forefront of our thoughts.
dreaming about a home remodel that would include the erection of a master suite... I'm wanting one of those.
hanging my necklaces on my new organization system... blog post on that coming soon as well.
drinking too much soda. I think I've come over to the dark side of life and it may be time to turn back.
feeling excited for fall, for the change of seasons, and for a change in wardrobe. 
reading textbooks for my classes... some interesting, some not.
missing my time being home with my kids.... being a working mom isn't easy.
craving more simplicity in my life and in my roles as a working mother, a wife, and a student.

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