Wednesday Threads | Printed Chambray Love

Shirt - Target | Pants - Burlington Coat Factory | Shoes - Payless | Belt - Thrifted

I was reading an article the other day about how some people have their "go-to" pieces, the pieces that they always revert to buying because they know they are comfy and look good.  For some people its a good pair of jeans, or pieces in a specific color.  For others it might be a classic tee.  Its kind of like a crutch, or a weak link.  And you know what my weakest link is?  Chambray shirts.  I love me a good chambray.  I picked this one up at Target a while back, and though you can't tell from the photos, it has tiny little circles printed on the shirt.  I love the subtle pattern of it. It fits well and is laid back and comfy.  I'm definitely not afraid of collared shirts on a casual basis.  They work well for all occasions if you ask me. 

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