Go & Do | August

So much to think about this month! With the summer coming to an end (a lot of people whine about this, but I am pretty so-so) and the holiday season knocking at the door, I have a big list of things that I want to do.  A huge event that is happening this month, though, is me going back to school.  I am returning to UVU to continue working toward my degree.  I took a four year break after I completed my associate degree, and it is time to get a few more classes under my belt so that I can finish this chapter of my life.  Hopefully it will be sooner rather than later.  Starting August 26, the following 16 weeks are going to be crazy and hectic and full... but I can do anything for short periods of time.  It's like my mom used to say, "Just grin and bare it."  My only goal this month is to get our lives somewhat organized to welcome this new challenge into the mix.  By organized I mean having some go-to meals ready/planned, with ingredients on hand and a quick list ready for Jordan so he can man the meal thing on the nights I have class.  I also want to instill a better schedule in our house as far as everyday pick-up goes.  Lately our routine has been dirty-it-up-and-procrastinate-cleaning but I think (I know) we can do better.  Nothing beats waking up to no dishes in the sink and a floor free of Legos and kid toys to trip on.  If we give ourselves 20 minutes every night to get the basics done, I really think that 20 minutes will go a long way in terms of our attitude and stress load.  Another thing that helps keep the daily crazy at bay is to prepare nightly for the following day, whether it is getting clothes ready for the kids, or their lunches ready and packed for the following day.  I know these simple things reduce stress, so really it is imperative to me that I exercise them.  

On a sweet note, Liliane knows that I am going to start school.  Shse will start at a new preschool, too, and she's excited that we are heading back to school together.  I think it's sweet that she thinks of things like that - like it's "cool" because we are both facing a similar kind of adventure.  That gal is wise beyond her years.  I know she will do great things.

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