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I am a member of the "I LOVE FALL!" club.  Seriously, I start to think about Halloween and fall colors, (and fall wardrobe) near the end of July, and it usually is all down hill from there.  I was telling Jordan today that I want to decorate like crazy for the holidays.  We usually do lots for Christmas, but less for Autumn and Halloween.  I told him I want to start collecting/making things now so that by the time the actual season rolls around, I will be prepared. It's silly, I know.  I've turned to a trusty friend (read: Pinterest) for some fun inspiration as to what to gather + what I can make in terms of the fun fall holidays that are around the corner.

{Images sources listed below in idea hyperlinks}

I've been compiling a list of to-do's and this is how it's looking so far:

Make a burlap Autumn-inspired wreath for our home (and maybe one for work above my desk).  Idea 1
Make a Halloween wreath for all-hallows-eve.  Idea 1  |  Idea 2
Assemble potion bottles for decorating the shelves/piano in my living room.  Idea 1  |  Idea 2
Make cheesecloth spirits!  Idea 1  |  Idea 2
Make a pennant banner to display in our kitchen or living room for each of the holidays.  Idea 1  |  Idea 2
Grow my pumpkins nice and plump so I can use them in our front yard as decor (we have about 12 or so that I've counted so far!)
Put together a Gratitude Journal for use in November.

I have a lot I want to do, so now it's a matter of what I can actually get done. Wish me luck!

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