Touch of Neon

I think people would agree that it's fun to play along with trends.  The whole back-to-the-80's-thing is pretty much everywhere.  It's a bit overwhelming, which is why  I pick and choose what 80's-inspired trends to play along with. My favorite one to try is NEON.  I don't like to go all out, though.  I prefer adding little hints here and there, which brings me to my topic of the day: What I Wore Wednesday.

I actually wore this Tuesday evening, and it was so easy that I thought I'd share it on the blog for WIWW.  I'm always in work-worthy clothes, so those are the outfits that end up getting blogged.  I want to throw in more casual stuff, and there's no place better to start that than with a good ole basic v-neck tee, a pair of micro-dot jeans, and a fun neon belt.  I like life to be easy.  At first I thought this outfit was too simple to share, but really, simplicity is just the ticket most of the time. 

I'm linking up with the Pleated Poppy.

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