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Once upon a time I sewed for myself a lovely red shirt.  Sadly that shirt’s fate involved a very untimely fingernail polish stain before I had the chance to wear the shirt for the first time.  Racked with frustration, I tried ripping the shirt because I thought it was ruined.  To my surprise the shirt would not rip.  It simply would not allow me to destroy it.  So against the wall it was thrown out of utter discouragement.  Hours passed and suddenly a lightbulb turned on in my head. “I could paint on that shirt to cover up that stain.”  And so it was, this tutorial was born.

Painted Triangle Top
  • You will need:
  • Freezer Paper
  • Fabric Paint
  • Scissors or Craft Knife
  • Shirt to paint on
  • Paint Brush or Foam Brush
  • Cardboard
  • Iron & Ironing Board

My plan was to cover up the stain on this shirt with some type of design.  Triangles fit the bill perfectly, so here’s I how I did it. 
 Step 1: Cut your design out of the freezer paper.
Step 2: Iron your freezer paper to your shirt, with the plastic coated side facing the fabric.
Step 3&4: Paint on the shirt using the your brush with your desired fabric paint. Allow to dry.  Repeat this step for a darker, more intense design, depending on how well the fabric paint coated your shirt.

Step 5: When thoroughly dry, peel freezer paper away from shirt. Heat set your paint, if fabric calls for it.
Step 6: Launder your shirt
Step 7: Wear your shirt.

I plan to make an anchor tee here in the near future using the same set of steps.  Hooray for fabric paint!

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