My Picks | May

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I collected a few images of items that I've recently purchased.  Most were purchased this month, with the exception of numbers 4 and 6.  (Those were steals in the store in April.)  All but one of these purchases were made in-store.  Numbers 1 and 3 were killer online deals.

Honestly: I love to shop.  It's no secret.  I love a good deal!  It may be a pitfall to only shop clearance and sale racks, but for me, that is what I like to do.  I'm the kind of person who can get bored of things easier than others, so it is important to me not to spend too much on things I may not fancy a year from now.  

I do try to pay attention to timeless items.  It's always fun to follow what's on trend, but unfortunately trends can be expensively short-lived.  What I try to do is pick items of basic shape, or shapes that I love and will love forever, and then play with trends more inexpensively, like with accessories.  A lot of times I try to create my own take on a trend, as I can usually do so in a less expensive way.  Jewelry is one thing that I really enjoy making for myself.  I haven't shared much of that hobby on the blog yet, but I have a few ideas up my sleeve. 

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