Currently | May

feeling  good about all the progress we're making in the back yard.
wishing  at times that I could be in two places at once. 
sleeping  with our curtains open; the morning light is glorious to wake up to.
eating  more fruits and veggies; it's always easier for me to eat better in the warmer months.
drinking  flavored water; plain water just doesn't do it for me.
enjoying  spending a lot of our evenings outside.
loving  all the little drawings that Liliane is creating; she drew a picture of Wesley that just melted my heart. 
drying  our laundry a dryer again; we've been hanging our laundry to dry on a line for I-don't-know-how-long.
exercising  a little more; lots of room for improvement but at lease a seed has been planted.
thinking  about ways to better organize some of the contents within our home.
wondering  what our future holds; lots has happened for us in the last year and I wonder about what is next.

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