Around Here | The Backyard in Bloom

I am in love with plants.  They really are taking over my life.  And you know the best part?  Jordan loves them, too.  I'm totally loving how much energy he's putting into getting our back yard into shape.  When we moved in to our house in 2010, the house had been vacant for at least 2.5 years, which was more than enough time for all the flowerbeds and garden areas to become way overgrown.  We tried really hard to get control of them, but there was just too much.  So, in the fall after we moved in, Jordan took a bobcat to the back yard and ripped out a bunch of the overgrowth.  The momentum kind of stopped after that.

Last summer our main focus was to get the front yard in good shape.  We didn't do much at all with the backyard last year as all our efforts were funneled to the front yard   Now that we've got it under control, we're really happy with how the front yard looks.  Naturally, now we want to get the back yard into shape.  I've spend at least 3 full days out in the back yard just weeding, defining lines and working the dirt.  It's been a lot of work but these blooms are definitely rewarding.  They make the hard work feel totally worth it.

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