March | Recap

Truth be told, March had other plans for me than I had for it. As far as the reading went, I only read about 40 pages from that book. I don't know if it was that I couldn't get into it or I just had too many other things on my plate. Regardless, I wasn't successful. But that doesn't mean I can't be in the future. I am going to the library today to see if I can pick up a different book that may suit my fancy and encourage accomplishment where the reading is concerned. We'll see. As for reading to the kids, I can think of a few nights that we read, but not as much as I'd like. Its all part of getting into a schedule/routine. We're still reaching for that (the whole routine thing) around here but it will come. 

Gladly I did do well in my household goal for March. I painted the table in the front entry. That unpainted thing has been driving me absolutely NUTS! Not anymore, though, because now it's all done, and I'll share a photo when I remember to take one. It looks much better than it did and it was something I was able to do without enlisting Jordan's help. 

A big push in March was to reorganize/reallocate the space and contents of our closets and storage areas in our house. This required a major project which was to demo an old (and very gross) food storage closet. It was full of extremely narrow shelves that were built specifically to house canned food products. It was a good sized closet, but the narrow shelves made it near impossible to use, not to mention that the shelves were gross with spilled food from years long passed. As you can imagine, that closet hasn't housed much since we moved into our house almost two years ago. Over the last week we made a huge effort to demo these shelves. We completely filled Jordan's work truck bed with all the debris. It felt so good to be getting rid of some of the junk/garbage that had been piling up in the basement. 

Another thing we did was heave our old wood burning stove up the stairs and out of our basement. We decided to get rid of it when we painted our basement last April. Somehow Jordan managed to get the stove off of the hearth ledge and down to the floor. Sadly on the floor it sat for an entire year. Terrible. I know. That blasted thing was so stinking heavy that there was no way that we, alone, could get it up the stairs. Last week Jordan invited his sister and her husband over for dinner and games. He asked our brother-in-law, Rusty, if he'd mind helping with getting the stove moved. Happily Rusty was ready and willing to help. It ended up taking all four of us (Jordan, me, Whitney and Rusty) to get it up the stairs, but we did it. And no one got hurt. Our biggest fear in moving that thing was that if it slipped, it would slide backward and end up seriously injuring or killing whoever was behind it. Thankfully we had no tragedies. Just a few black soot marks on the carpeted stairs. I've begun shampooing the carpet and the marks are coming up, thankfully.