Go & Do | April

1. April is going to be easy. I only have two things in mind and the first is my sleep schedule. I want to focus on is going to bed earlier (meaning, getting into my nightly routine no later than 9:30pm) and waking up earlier. Right now my schedule is running like this: Wake up between 6:30/6:45AM and go to sleep at 10:45/11:00AM. I want to get it to where I am waking up at 5:30 AM earlier and going to sleep no later than 10:30PM. I am thinking that a few extra minutes in the morning could do me a lot of good. I could use that time to tidy up the house, or to do the dishes, or maybe even work on something crafty before I actually start my day. I need some me time, preferably when it isn't at the children's expense. If I take it in the morning, then they aren't affected because they are typically still asleep. 

2. I want to work on sharing a few of the projects I've completed on the blog, complete with photos. I love to blog (so much so that I keep two blogs on a regular basis!), so that shouldn't be hard. Here is to good things in April!

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