Easter Weekend in Pictures

This is an extremely photo-heavy post, but I figure if I'm going to take a lot of pictures, I darn well better share them. Our Easter weekend was full of outdoor activities, including a family bike ride, an Easter egg hut an Grammy's house, a hot dog and s'more fest in our back yard, and some yard work. We went on a walk on Sunday afternoon with Grandpa & Grandma Gray. I did some sewing and had fun using my car bumper as a tripod to document a bit of my evolving style. Sunday I played my violin at church. The photos aren't in order of when they were taken, but you get the idea. I love taking pictures. I love telling our story.


  1. Taraleigh! I LOVE the direction your taste in fashion has taken you, you are such a cute girl! Also, now that I'm moving to Springville, we should hang out more. :)

  2. Great style Taraleigh (I also have that plaid shirt.. so great minds must think alike)! Cute fam and great pics. All tell of what looks like a great Easter for you guys!