Currently | April

feeling rejuvenated; spring is here and the sun is starting to play. You know we're out of the thick of winter when the yellow grass turns green.

loving my husband, every bit of him.

wearing a lot of fun, open-toed shoes; oh how I love shoes.

watching my children grow and learn; their progress leaves me in complete bewilderment, but I love it.

planning to revamp my nightly routine to include more home-cooked meals; lots of planning needed here.

seeing life through the lens more; I'm intentionally trying to capture more of the details of our life through photos.

finding rocks and dirt everywhere inside my house; Wesley is the culprit here, no doubt with a little help from his sister.

planting a garden; we got our little seedlings going for our bell peppers and spinach.

collecting a few houseplants; succulents and ivy have me completely wrapped. I am in love.

hunting for a new dryer; we've been drying our clothes on a line in our basement for too long.

enjoying typography; something gets me when I see an awesome font or typeface.

celebrating the life of this sweet little girl; she passed away on April 18, 2013. I am so grateful I had the chance to meet her.

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