Go & Do | March

1. I want to read more. I did this in January and enjoyed it enough for a second round. I want to finish at least one leisure book this month which shouldn't be hard. I already check out the book from the library, its called "Under the Never Sky." I am excited to curl up and have a read-a-thon a few nights this month in order to finish it. I also want to make sure to read to my children more. I have noticed this is one thing Jordan and I really could improve on. It doesn't take much time and its time that will be beneficial for my growing children. 

2. Jordan and I have talked about the idea of setting aside a small list of house projects that we want to accomplish each month. It seems like when we moved in to our house we started a lot of little projects, but haven't finished all the little things we began. So for March, I want to sit down with Jordan and start scheduling and planning. There is plenty that we can do, so as far as I am concerned, we have no excuses. We just need to budget our time a little better to start accomplishing this stuff. 

I have also been thinking a lot about all the unfinished projects in my house that I want to accomplish, projects that I don't need Jordan's help on. I plan on finishing two of those projects this month as well. Both project entail filling an empty frame with something. I'm sure I will post about this sometime this month, as well.