February | Recap

It's March and I am a few days behind in getting this up, but to carry on my goal of goal setting, I am here to tackle this month's "Go & Do" stuff. First, I wanted to recap on what I learned in February. While I was reading through the things I wanted to accomplish/work on, I was surprised that so many instances came to my mind, affirming that I did do well in the goals I set for February. I felt like I worked harder to get my house clean, and that I was more productive at work. I still have tons to do where the house is concerned (considering we are in the middle of a huge flooring project), but the kitchen has remained tidy and picked up, which is HUGE! As far as my punctuality is concerned, I got into a good habit where I am leaving my house with plenty of time to get the children off to Nana's and me to get to work. I am really starting to feel like there is a semblance of routine happening. I am really loving that. Life is easier when there is routine involved. I've remembered to prepare on Saturday for my Sunday calling, which has lifted quite a load, which makes serving in this capacity so much easier! Lastly, my attitude truly has been more pleasant, and I'm pretty sure that the sun is to blame for that one. Spring is coming. I can feel it. The anticipation of blooming flowers and warmer weather is doing wonders for me, and I am sure I'm not the only grateful for that. So thanks February; you were good to me.