3.5.13 in Pictures

Tuesday I stayed home from work to care for a sick little Wesley. The poor kid had two really terrible nights in a row. A trip to the doctor yielded a Strep Throat diagnosis, so he's now on an antibiotic now and well on his way to recovery. I spent most of Tuesday caring for little Wes. While he was napping I took my camera around the house and snapped a few shots here and there. One think I miss since going back to work is seeing the natural light flood my house. Now that I am working, I usually only get to enjoy the light in the evening, which is short with the time of year that we're in. I love the light.

Back to Tuesday- Jordan came home early in the afternoon and relieved me of my "caring-for-sick-baby" duty so I could run to Cafe Rio and get him and me some much needed lunch. He made the kids their lunch while I ran, and when I got back he even let me take a nap to makeup for my loss of sleep over the previous two nights. It was much needed. In the late afternoon we all went and picked up Wesley's prescription. When we got back we found Missy sunbathing in the backyard. Its still not much more than 40 degrees outside, but apparently that was as warm as she needed to lay out and soak up the sun. We love our Missy dog.

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